EZ Track


A crucial part in epilepsy treatment is accurately defining the epileptic zone (EZ) and surgically removing it. A thorough presurgical evaluation is done to define the EZ and define risks. EZ Track was created by specialists in the neuroscience field based on an algorithm that better localizes the epileptic zone.

We worked with EZ Track for a short three weeks to design the clinical facing application. We began by engaging crucial clinical stakeholders to ensure an application that was built with the user in mind. Our landscape and competitor analysis informed a UI that was innovative while still maintaining its usefulness and seamlessness within the clinical workflow. We did research to understand what tools practitioners were already using and in what way they were accustomed to working. We tested our findings directly with surgeons and epileptologists.


Product Designer




Competitive analysis, landscape analysis


UX/UI Design


Pen & paper, Sketch, Marvel

Landscape Analysis

We knew that there were several companies that used this tech, and we knew that they would purchase the app.

Color + Type

Laying the groundwork for an identity system began through color. We winnowed the existing palette to a small group of core colors.

Special attention was paid to using colors that communicated something different.

We then worked on setting up color application guidelines—an important matter given the client’s unhappiness with the overuse of red in the existing mobile application as well as their desire to achieve visual parity.

Next, we tackled typography. By extending the use of Sofia Pro (a versatile geometric sans with a large family) on the mobile app to all other digital and print spaces, visual coherence began to take form.


The web app prototype allows clinicians to compare crucial information and make better decisions pre-surgery. The outcome was a prototype with a refreshingly different UI than what the medical field has seen before in this complex and crucial aspect of epilepsy care.

User Testing & Iterations