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Human centered design is my jam.

Raised on a steady diet of fiction novels and movie marathons in sunny Los Angeles, I'm a storyteller with a bit of a mixed bag of a background.  

As English literature major and graduate of General Assembly's UXDI program, I approach design with a think-outside-the-box and grain-of-salt mindset. A firm believer in thoughtful and compassionate approaches to the human experience, I hold the tenants of HCD close to my heart. Combining research, strategy, & visual best practices to create distinct, impactful digital experiences isn't just my bread and butter - it's my passion.

I currently work as a design consultant with DevMynd Software, where I'm fortunate enough to rub elbows with the best designers & developers around.

When I'm not deep-diving into digital experiences, you can find me collecting houseplants, managing my capsule closet, quoting obscure LOTR lines, or snuggled on a couch with Saga.